Partner Grant Program.

Ozette Technologies offers multiple awards for end-to-end high-dimensional immune system profiling

Ozette Technologies’s Assay-to-Insights product provides a streamlined and state of the art vertically integrated process to explore the immune system in Fresh and Frozen samples in unprecedented detail and resolution. Human biosamples sent to the Ozette GCLP Laboratory in Seattle, are assayed via Ozette’s 48-color Pan-Immuno-Phenotyping (PIP-01) spectral cytometry panel, and then analyzed in the Ozette platform using Ozette’s unique endpoints and cell discovery technology. Interactive, queryable, high-resolution views of the results are made available in the Ozette platform, revealing biological insights in a matter of hours after data generation in the Ozette lab.

The Opportunity:

Ozette is accepting applications to the Partner Grant Program. Each award is valued at $50k which includes PIP-01 immunophenotyping of human blood samples, endpoints and cell discovery analysis in the Ozette platform, and collaborative support from the Ozette scientific team, deployed for the applicant’s project.

Publication of Results:

Upon completion, the winner agrees to participate in activities promoting the project and results, including a webinar, case study, blog post, or other external presentation. Each winner agrees their analyzed data may be made publicly available through a co-authored publication and that Ozette will have the right to publicly announce the winner’s name and research topic and use data from the winner’s project in marketing materials and seminars, in consultation with the winner.

Eligibility and Requirements:

Applicants must be conducting research at an academic institution (e.g., student, post doc, faculty) or employed at a company in a capacity in which they perform life science research. Applicants will need to be able to ship biosamples to Ozette within 45 days of award notification. Members of the immediate families of Ozette employees and directors are not eligible to apply to this Partner Grant Program.

500 Word Abstract Limit

The Grant winners will receive:

  • 25 samples assayed by the PIP-01 panel in Ozette’s state of the art GCLP Translational Science Immunology lab (up to 150 samples may also be considered)
  • Access to analysis results in the Ozette Platform
  • Support from the Ozette scientific team

Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants are invited to propose innovative studies that would benefit from Ozette’s high dimensional immune profiling technology. Applications will be evaluated on innovation, significance, relevance, quality of scientific content, translational science potential, and feasibility.

Grant Deadline:

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.


All those selected as a winner will enter into a Partner Grant Program Agreement with Ozette Technologies Inc. The form of this Partner Grant Program Agreement is available upon request. By submitting an application to the Partner Grant Program, applicant agrees that Ozette may collect and process the personal contact data he or she provides as part of application such as email address and job title and may contact the grant applicant with Ozette’s decision relative to the Partner Grant Program as well as with other information about Ozette’s product, services and technology of interest to the applicant.