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How Ozette unlocks the secrets
of the immune system.

Our immune system drives our most important biological processes. It protects us from sickness and disease by defending against outside invaders like pathogens, and keeping our internal systems in equilibrium. No two of us share exactly the same immune make up, and each of our systems is constantly evolving. Mapping and studying this complexity in great detail unlocks the insights that accelerate research and derive better therapies for all.

We believe
in better data.

For too long, single-cell data analysis has lagged behind the technology that generate these data. That’s because the standard manual workflows, limited in resolution and speed, only allow for a small amount of cellular information to be seen. Which raises an important question: what if the most relevant and insightful data is being left behind?

Right treatment,
right patient

Advances in medicine are driving us more and more toward highly targeted treatments, with many therapies at the forefront being constructed from the patient’s own immune cells. Our AI-driven computational analysis technology unlocks insights to discover therapies and advance their development.

Case Study

Ozette’s computationally-driven analysis aids advancement of cancer drug development.

Ozette’s technology, in conjunction with other new methods, reveal a distinct T cell population that suppresses immune effectiveness in the tumor microenvironment and helps inform drug development in immuno-oncology.


We collaborate with partners of all sizes across research and clinical development including pharmaceutical and academic organizations. Whether we start from biological samples or data already generated, Ozette can help you gain maximum insight and value from your data.

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