Unmatched speed, resolution, and trust.

Modern flow cytometry methods produce single-cell immune data of remarkable depth whose full value are not attainable through traditional investigation methods. Our technology eliminates these constraints.

We focus on delivering solutions that deliver the highest attainable value for single cell proteomics by focusing on quality, high-dimensional data, and human expertise paired with purpose-built technology.


We have developed interpretable machine-learning computational methods that discover and annotate cell populations, leveraging cloud computing to bring you insights at unprecedented speed.

Our technology can be applied to any research and development interrogating the immune system.

Biomarker Endpoints

Our Endpoints technology enables rapid, robust, and streamlined identification of biomarker endpoints for single-cell flow cytometry datasets. Motivated by our mission to advance the pace of therapeutic development, Endpoints quickly produces high quality, reproducible analyses of pre-clinical and clinical trial data to enable decision-making for drug product characterization, dose finding, safety, and efficacy.

Full Cell Discovery

Our Discovery technology unlocks maximum insights from single-cell datasets through unbiased, automated full cell population discovery. It makes comprehensive discovery and annotation of cellular phenotypes, including low-abundance, low-incidence, and previously uncharacterized phenotypes a reality, advancing target discovery and R&D efforts with unrivaled resolution depth and speed.
Ozette Lab

Ozette Lab

Move seamlessly from assay to insight through the pairing of our state-of-the-art immunology lab, high dimensional immune profiling assays and analysis technology. Our vertically integrated solution unlocks the highest quality, richest immune data.

Research partnerships.

Good science is collaborative. Drive advancements in the field by leveraging our technology and expertise in mutually beneficial ways.

Single cell proteomics provide the most robust widely applicable insights across the therapeutic landscape.

The complexity of data.

Modern flow cytometry methods produce single-cell immune data of remarkable depth. Complexity is further increased with clinical trials where multiple biological samples are measured per subject in longitudinal studies. A single clinical trial can produce high-dimensional datasets with hundreds of millions of datapoints, rich with hidden insight.

Capturing the full value of data.

Conventional analysis or “gating” is biased and slow, making it impractical if not impossible to explore datasets fully. Conventional computational approaches fail to accurately capture real biology. To attain the full value contained in modern immune data, we have created an interpretable machine-learning method that discovers and annotates cell populations, leveraging cloud computing to massively serialize the analysis. The result is an automated single-cell analysis platform with unprecedented speed, dimensionality, and annotation depth. We are making this technology available to partners seeking to advance immune research.

The future is multi-omic.

More and more studies employ multiple technologies of investigation. Our platform is built to expand from cytometry into emergent standards such as CITE-Seq.

Our latest case studies.

Case Study

Going beneath the
surface of skin cancer.

We investigated our AI’s ability to predict treatment response to PD1 inhibiting immunotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma and melanoma. We benchmarked our algorithmic approach against conventional analysis.

Case Study

Ozette’s AI aids advancement of cancer drug development.

Ozette’s technology, in conjunction with other new methods, reveal a distinct T cell population that suppresses immune effectiveness in the tumor microenvironment and helps inform drug development in immuno-oncology.