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We are constantly improving our technology and are seeking development partners across the research and development pipeline who have bespoke needs in oncology, autoimmunity, and infectious disease. Our technology roadmap includes: integration of disparate datasets, additional single cell data types, and methods development.

Collaborating with Ozette allows our partners to apply our technology, lab, and expertise in ways that are specific to their scientific questions and data needs.

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Case Study

Going beneath the
surface of skin cancer.

We investigated our AI’s ability to predict treatment response to PD1 inhibiting immunotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma and melanoma. We benchmarked our algorithmic approach against conventional analysis.

Case Study

Ozette’s AI aids advancement of cancer drug development.

Ozette’s technology, in conjunction with other new methods, reveal a distinct T cell population that suppresses immune effectiveness in the tumor microenvironment and helps inform drug development in immuno-oncology.