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We transform raw flow cytometry immune data into comprehensive, annotated, and fully interpretable cell populations, making the discovery of low abundance, low incidence, and previously uncharacterized phenotypes a reality.

With Discovery you can advance target discovery and R&D efforts with unrivaled resolution, depth and speed.

Data to insights in days instead of months.

Our technology is purpose-built to deliver full transformation of raw data to fully annotate all cell populations without any prior training inputs, eliminating bias, allowing investigators to mine data at depths previously unattainable.

Quality: Standardized annotation of data enables integration of disparate datasets, eliminates technical anomalies, and batch effects.

Human expertise combined with purpose built computational methods.

Each engagement includes an Ozette domain expert that helps shepherd your flow cytometry data through our platform.

Beyond clustering…

Unlike traditional clustering programs which are limited in their ability to fully define the phenotypes of cell populations making up the clusters, Ozette’s technology provides full annotation at a resolution, depth and biological relevance unproven by alternative approaches.

Interactive Results and Insight Exploration.

Transparent Analysis in a Simple Workflow.
Consult with our data science team on your goals.
Receive results and verify the quality of data post-processing.

Interactive Results and Insight Exploration.

Ozette’s user-friendly dashboard empowers users to rapidly explore their data at multiple scales, from the raw single-cell level to changing cell populations across cohorts of samples, and focus exploration through filtering variables.

Want to explore further?

Download your annotated data in Ozette open source compatible format and use Ozette’s open source tools for continued analysis and exploration.

Need statistical support?

Work with our data science team to answer your most pressing research questions.

The Future of Discovery.

We know many studies employ multiple single-cell platforms. We are actively extending the processing and annotation pipeline to support single-cell CITE-seq data, enabling simultaneous measurement of protein and RNA. In the future, users can load ancillary immune assays into the platform and merge them with their single cell data from the same studies to perform integrative analyses for a comprehensive look across data types.

Our latest case studies.

Case Study

Going beneath the
surface of skin cancer.

We investigated our AI’s ability to predict treatment response to PD1 inhibiting immunotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma and melanoma. We benchmarked our algorithmic approach against conventional analysis.

Case Study

Ozette’s AI aids advancement of cancer drug development.

Ozette’s technology, in conjunction with other new methods, reveal a distinct T cell population that suppresses immune effectiveness in the tumor microenvironment and helps inform drug development in immuno-oncology.