Our mission is to unlock the immune system to prevent disease.

We are digitizing biology using novel computational methods and machine learning to give a full view of an individual’s immune system. By digitizing immune data, we accelerate discovery and development for therapies and diagnostics. We envision a future where understanding the state of your immune system is part of everyday life.

Seeded at Fred Hutch. Incubated at AI2.

Our history is rooted in work our founders pioneered at the Fred Hutch Institute for Cancer Research. There, they developed the foundational capabilities that enable the computational analysis of single-cell data leveraged worldwide. Through this work, they were able to foresee a fundamental shift in how we leverage single-cell data. To accelerate and realize the full impact of AI-driven analysis, we incubated at AI2 and raised our seed funding led by Madrona Ventures. We are proud of our Pacific Northwest roots and are excited to grow globally.

Meet the team.

We are bringing together the brightest minds from leading tech,  health and bio science companies.  Our belief: Diversity brings divergent ideas and problem solving approaches that drive innovation. 

Ali Ansary

CEO & Co-Founder
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0001_Ali Ansary

Amalia Okrent

Operations Manager

Amarjit Sandu

VP of Engineering

Andrew McDavid, PhD

Principal Research Scientist

Arpan Neupane, PhD

Senior Computational Biologist

Brandon Stilson

Software Engineer

Calvin Nguyen

VP of Product & Design
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0000_Calvin Nguyen

Chelsea Haupt, PhD

Sr. Product Manager

Cherie Green

VP of Translational Science
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0004_Cherie Green

Corrie Ortega PhD

VP Operations & Product Strategy
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0005_Corrie Ortega

D. Ely Bair

Quality Manager

Denise Allen, PhD

Sr Immunological Data Scientist

Evan Greene, PhD

VP of Quantitative Methods & Co-Founder

Fariha Ahmed-Qadri

Senior Associate Scientist

Fritz Lekschas, PhD

Head of Visualization Research

Greg Finak, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0010_Greg Finak

Jon Lee

Software Engineer

Kurt Van Gunst

Principal Research Scientist

Malisa Smith

Computational Biologist
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0012_Malisa Smith

Matthew Weaver

Software Engineer, Backend
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0013_Matthew Weaver

Michael Erdely

Staff Data Engineer

Mike Jiang

Software Engineer
OZETTE_EnvBioImages_600x600__0015_Mike Jiang

Raphael Gottardo, PhD

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

Roger Tan

Software Engineer

Seth Barribeau, PhD

Principal Data Scientist

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