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See how Ozette Endpoints™ is utilized to automate the analysis of assay precision data and how Ozette Discovery™ is used to assess whole specimen stability to assess the effect of post-draw hold time and cryopreservation on immune cell subsets (3 lines)

From Endpoints to Discovery, see how Ozette’s platform assesses assay precision, specimen stability, and the effect of sample storage on immune cells.

This year at CYTO, Ozette showcased "An automated approach to high-parameter spectral flow cytometry assay validation using a novel AI/ML platform to assess the precision and stability of predefined biomarker endpoints in the context of a 48-color pan-immune profiling panel." If you weren't able to catch us at the conference or want to take a closer look, download the event poster here.

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Applying Ozette Discovery™ to CITE-seq data to identify predictors of disease.

Methods such as CITE-seq simultaneously measure RNA and protein expression at a single cell level, but the protein expression data is frequently underutilized. Download our preprint to learn how we harness Ozette Discovery™ to achieve instantaneous in silico sorting of granular cell phenotypes, enabling identification of COVID-19-associated cell populations and precise RNA-seq profiling in mixed samples.

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Effective comparison of single-cell embedding visualizations. 

At ISMB 2023, Ozette’s Trevor Manz lead a lively panel on effective comparison of single-cell embedding visualizations. To better understand the approach, challenges, and conclusions, learn more by downloading the event poster here.

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Automated gating and antigen-specific T cells subset discovery using FAUST and COMPASS on ICS data. 

At ISMB 2022, Ozette Computational Biologist Malisa Smith, and Ozette Co-Founder Evan Greene, PhD VP of Quantitative Methods discussed automated gating and antigen-specific T cells subset discovery using FAUST and COMPASS on ICS data as well as how they reanalyzed a published Intracellular Cytokine Staining (ICS) dataset. Download the poster to learn more about their presentation.

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Discovering data transformations for effective visualization of single-cell embeddings. 

At ISMB 2022, Ozette’s Fritz Lekschas, PhD, Head of Visualization Research lead a fascinating discussion about data transformations for effective visualization of single-cell embeddings. If you weren’t able to attend, take a look at this beautiful and though provoking work.

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From assay to endpoints, see how Ozette’s proprietary processes deliver results.

Recently, at CYTO 2023, we showcased how Ozette Endpoints™ and Ozette Discovery™ technologies leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver robust computational analysis pipelines and allow for rapid insights into complex high-dimensional data. View process details, methods, and case study examples in our detailed conference poster.

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