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Ozette Lab

Our state-of-the-art immunology lab paired with revolutionary analysis technology provides you with the highest resolution results possible. Ozette Lab generated data are directly delivered into Ozette’s platform, providing you full transparency, constant access, and exploration whether you are seeking specific Endpoints or comprehensive cell population Discovery.

Expertly designed single-cell multi-omic assays.

Our translational science team has rich expertise in high-dimensional single-cell profiling, immunology, hematological diseases, cellular therapy and clinical biomarker endpoints. We specialize in Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry and Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by Sequencing (or CITE-Seq). Ozette Lab designs and develops cutting-edge immune profiling assays, performs GCLP-compliant assay validations, and correlative data generation.

Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry

Full spectrum flow cytometry allows for increased sensitivity and resolution compared to conventional flow cytometry by measuring the entire emission spectrum of each fluorochrome over optimized detector arrays across multiple excitation lasers.

Our 48-color full spectrum cytometry assay has been designed to provide comprehensive phenotypic and functional readouts for all major circulating immune cell subsets, maximizing our understanding of the state of the immune system.


CITE-Seq technology simultaneously quantifies cell surface protein and RNA expression, providing a robust, multimodal phenotyping strategy for analyzing your samples.

We are currently optimizing a single-cell proteogenomic assay that measures 130+ protein markers and RNA expression to fully characterize all major immune cell lineages found in peripheral blood.

Seamless flow of Ozette Lab data into the platform.

Ozette Lab generated data can be paired directly with our purpose-built computational analysis platform to resolve specific predefined biomarker Endpoints and provide fully annotated single-cell immune population Discovery.

We work to advance your science.

By partnering with the Lab, you will work directly with our translational science and data science teams to deploy the right high-dimensional single-cell assay and analysis strategy for your study. We will process and analyze your research and clinical trial samples in-house, including fresh and frozen biospecimens.