5 Questions

Ashley Wilson
Head of Immunology

When did you join Ozette?

I came to the company in January 2023

What motivated you to get into immunology?

I am fascinated by the immune system. Like many things in science, the more we learn about the immune system, the more we realize how much has yet to be discovered.

What prompted you to come to Ozette?

I was excited to join Ozette’s diverse team of engineers, data and translational scientists to bring high-dimensional data analysis solutions to the table. Ozette is also building out its very own state-of-the-art lab. With my background in immunology and clinical trials, I jumped at the opportunity to spearhead the lab, which aims to generate its own high-quality immune profiling data for the sake of accelerating drug development and delivering insights to patients and clinical teams faster.

What does a typical day at Ozette look like?

No two days in Ozette Lab are the same! I work closely with a talented scientific team to help build our immunology lab from the ground up. Since the lab is in its early stages, we’re working on everything from installing and ensuring the performance of our equipment to brainstorming new single-cell assays to strengthen collaborations and generate our own corpus of high-resolution immune profiling data. I spend a lot of time partnering with our quality assurance team to ensure lab workflows are compliant with regulations and that patient safety remains our highest priority.

What does the future look like at Ozette to you?

I think some of the best and brightest ideas come out of a place where you put a forward-thinking and diverse group of people together – and that’s exactly what Ozette is – I’m thrilled to be a part of this team and excited to discover new immune insights that have the potential to impact the lives of patients in real-time.