5 Questions

Meet Ely Bair
Quality Assurance Manager

When did you join Ozette?

I came to the company in May of 2022.

What motivated you to become a Quality Assurance Manager?

My first experience with Quality Assurance was working as an analytical chemist right out of college. I was immediately drawn to it as I knew it would be a perfect fit with my Type-A personality (organized, perfectionist, efficient) while also being an opportunity to work with a wide variety of Departments within an organization. In my eyes, ensuring a company’s product/services are of highest quality and meet regulatory and partner requirements is of utmost importance. In fact, I would say along with innovation, partner satisfaction, and patient safety, it’s paramount.

What prompted you to come to Ozette?

I was recruited from another biotech organization by a colleague at Ozette I had worked with previously. The opportunity to utilize my background in both laboratory and software Quality to create a Quality Management System from the ground up, ensuring future success was too good to pass up!

What does a typical day at Ozette look like?

For me, most days are spent meeting and working cross-functionally with various departments to finalize documentation that support external compliance requirements. Additionally, I spend a good deal of my time managing quality records, onboarding new employees to our electronic Quality Management System, assigning, and overseeing training, and answering compliance-related questions.

What does the future look like at Ozette to you?

As our software and laboratory processes continue to evolve, I foresee opportunities to expand our regulatory environments and overall reach of our high quality, innovative, products and services. I think Ozette is going to become a big player in the biotech space, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team!