5 Questions

Seth Barribeau
Principal Data Scientist

When did you join Ozette?

I came to the company in July of 2022.

What does your typical day at Ozette look like?

Every day here is a bit different, but if I had to generalize, I’d say as a laboratory scientist, I help develop assays and establish new procedures and protocols for Ozette. I hope to spend a lot of my time crunching numbers and looking at the data.

What motivated you to become a Data Scientist?

I was always interested in science and specifically, biology. And I think that this is largely driven by my sense of curiosity. My professional career has spanned both science and data science which means I get to use my curiosity to drive research and to answer important questions

What prompted you to come to Ozette?

I was excited to bring my expertise and experience to a different kind of work. In my conversations with the Ozette team, I was struck by the culture of the company. It always feels open, collaborative, and supportive no matter how challenging the work is. It’s very much about celebrating our collective strengths and learning from one another.

What does the future look like at Ozette to you?

As a company, we are in a really exciting phase right now as we face a real step change in the application of our platform. It’s a pivotal moment for our company and will give us a great opportunity to scale our approach and start to tease apart some of the problems we’re trying to solve that historically have been intractable. In the next few years, we’re going to be able to make some incredible strides in our depth of understanding immunological data.