Ozette Announces New Head of Immunology Ashley Wilson, PhD to Spearhead State-of-the-Art Immunology Lab

Dr. Wilson will leverage her leadership in immunology and clinical trials to accelerate the new lab’s impact with an esteemed scientific team and bolster Ozette’s data corpus of immune insights

SEATTLE, WA – Ozette Technologies, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences startup engineering a transformative leap in cell discovery and annotation of the human immune system, today announced its new Head of Immunology, Ashley Wilson, PhD. Dr. Wilson joins Ozette from Seattle Children’s Therapeutics, where she served as Director of Therapeutics Correlative Science. At Ozette, Dr. Wilson will leverage her extensive background and expertise in immunology, cell therapy development and clinical trial experience to drive advancements with partners looking to harness the full value of their single-cell data.

“We are very excited to welcome Ashley to the team to lead the charge on building Ozette’s cutting-edge immunology lab. Her team will help push the boundaries of how Ozette generates a corpus of single-cell immunology data,” said Dr. Ali Ansary, CEO and Co-founder of Ozette. “Ashley’s addition to our team accelerates Ozette’s ability to leverage our vertically integrated single-cell analysis infrastructure where we can go from data generation to insights rapidly.” 

Ozette’s automated computational analysis technology enables scientists to extract the full value from 100% of their single-cell data, versus the only 10% of available single-cell data that is accessible through other solutions in use today. The automation and machine learning is rooted in research pioneered at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center for over a decade and incubated at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2). Consistently, Ozette has been able to reveal high-resolution, reliable insights in a matter of hours to days, versus standard manual analysis which typically takes several months. 

Uniquely equipped with select robotics, the Ozette immunology lab leverages automation to generate high quality single-cell immune profiling data. Assays are expertly designed employing technologies including full spectrum flow cytometry and Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by Sequencing, or CITE-Seq (single-cell RNA sequencing). Lab-generated data flows directly into Ozette’s cell discovery platform to pair human expertise with purpose-built computational technology for a vertically integrated pipeline that delivers true assay-to-insight results. 

“I’m excited to build value through collaboration and drive rapid new breakthroughs for our industry partners, harnessing Ozette’s exciting advancements that allow us to see single-cell immune data at a new remarkable resolution and breadth within days or weeks, not months or years.” said Dr. Wilson. “When the opportunity arose to join Ozette, I jumped at the chance to work with a diverse set of partners and collaborators on these solutions, so together we can bring actionable insights and treatments to the patients that need them most.”

Dr. Wilson earned her PhD in microbiology, immunology and cancer biology from the University of Virginia before continuing on as a postdoctoral fellow studying T-cell infiltration and immune checkpoint blockade within the context of solid tumors. At Seattle Children’s, she worked for five years with a team of leading CAR T-cell experts and pediatric oncologists to help develop a robust pipeline of phase 1 immunotherapy clinical trials for children. 

Dr. Wilson’s enthusiasm to collaborate while at Seattle Children’s fostered rich partnerships that enhanced correlative analyses of patient samples. Some of these analyses resulted in preliminary first-in-human correlative insights into CAR T safety and bioactivity and were published in high-impact scientific and medical journals. Dr. Wilson also served on the Consortium for Pediatric Cellular Immunotherapy (CPCI), an organization connecting leading pediatric research institutions across the country. 

Ozette is growing its team, including engineering, product management, research and development, translational science, and business development. See open positions here. Ozette will be demonstrating its technology and presenting research findings at CYTO 2023 in Montréal, Canada May 20-24. 

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