Meet Team Ozette at CYTO 2023 | May 20-24

As the premiere cytometry conference convenes in Montréal this May at CYTO 2023, join our team for the first public look at how our single-cell infrastructure platform unlocks the full potential of modern, high-dimensional flow cytometry.

Four scientific presentations will highlight the speed, resolution, and scale of Ozette’s core technologies. You can also meet the team members who developed Ozette’s assay-to-insights solutions on the exhibition floor (booth 539) and hear directly from translational science and computational domain experts Cherie Green and Greg Finak in a commercial tutorial for a peek behind the scenes of our new product offerings.

If you aren’t able to attend CYTO in person this year, we’d still love to hear from you. Reach out to and our team will be in touch to answer your questions and share a product demo.

The full details on team Ozette at CYTO 2023:

Let’s Connect at Booth 539

Meet us at booth 539 to speak directly with our interdisciplinary team of data scientists, software engineers, product designers, and computational biologists building Ozette’s technology and products, and explore our science and technology up close.

The Commercial Exhibition floor will open Sunday, May 21 from 6pm-8:30pm, Monday, May 22-Tuesday, May 22 from 10am-7pm, and Wednesday, May 23 from 10am-2pm.

Explore our Research

Poster: Leveraging AI/ML to analyze the effect of leukocyte isolation and cryopreservation on surface protein expression in peripheral blood samples in the context of a 48-color full spectrum cytometry pan-immune profiling panel

See how Ozette’s 48-color full spectrum pan-immune profiling panel (PIP-01), through Ozette’s state of the art Lab, and ML-driven analysis platform expand insights into the effects of isolation and cryopreservation on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in healthy donor blood.

May 21-24, 2023
Poster Exhibition Hall

Scientific Talk: Computational Methods for Effective Exploration and Comparison of High-Dimensional Cytometry Data with 2D Embeddings

The complexity of high-dimensional cytometry panels require visualizations that delineate cell clusters to help identify rare and complex phenotypes for differentiating disease state or drug response. Trevor Manz from Ozette’s visualization team will share Ozette’s research findings on computational data transformation and comparison methods for producing clear and insightful visualizations of two-dimensional embeddings like UMAP or t-SNE. In combination, Ozette’s visualization tool enables scientists to elucidate the full range of cell phenotypes and to generate hypotheses about compositional and abundance differences.

May 23, 2023
10:30am – 12:00pm
Room 510B

Scientific Talk: A platform for comprehensive and standardized analysis of large and high-dimensional cytometry experiments using interpretable machine learning

Co-founder and CTO Greg Finak highlights how the Ozette platform is purpose-built for high-resolution cell population discovery and annotation, leveraging state-of-the-art ML algorithms and a powerful single-cell query engine that enables scientists to visualize their multi-scale single-cell data in context. With Ozette, scientists are free to focus on data interpretation, rather than the minutiae of implementing analytic pipelines.

May 23, 2023
10:30am – 12:00pm
Room 512B

Commercial Tutorial: Revolutionizing Single Cell Immune Profiling and Computational Analysis with the Ozette Platform

VP of Translational Science Cherie Green and co-founder and CTO Greg Finak share the latest on how ML-driven computational analysis is fast tracking single-cell research from bench to breakthrough.

May 23, 2023
12:15pm – 1:15pm
Room 510B

Scientific Talk: Robust and interpretable discovery of cell populations for antibody tagged proteins in single cell RNAseq

Ozette’s ML-based algorithms for flow cytometry are amenable to single-cell RNAseq data for analysis that are comprehensive and granular for rapid, interpretable cell population discovery. In this presentation, Denise Allen shares how algorithms used in flow cytometry can be harnessed and scaled to efficiently analyze high-throughput ADT data.

May 24, 2023
10:30am – 12:00pm
Room 512B

Raise a glass at Hotel InterContinental

Monday, April 22: Join us at Chez Plume at Montreal’s InterContinental Hotel for libations and catch-up with colleagues and friends from 4pm-7pm.

Festive themed beverages and light bites will be served, but space is limited. We’d love for you to join us, so please RSVP.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

You can view the full schedule for CYTO 2023 here.

If you have questions about team Ozette at CYTO, reach out to

Case Study

Going beneath the
surface of skin cancer.

We investigated our AI’s ability to predict treatment response to PD1 inhibiting immunotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma and melanoma. We benchmarked our algorithmic approach against conventional analysis.

Case Study

Ozette’s AI in the battle
against COVID-19.

In-depth immune profiling reveals a T regulatory signature that correlates with COVID-19 disease severity, an important finding as Treg cells are potential targets for treatment strategies and fighting severe disease.