Ozette announces new partnership with Bloodworks Northwest.

The partnership will allow Bloodworks Northwest subsidiary, Bloodworks Bio, to leverage Ozette’s Lab and proprietary immune cell population discovery and annotation platform. The partnership will facilitate establishing a ‘gold standard’ in the advancement of cell therapies.

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Automated gating and antigen-specific T cells subset discovery using FAUST and COMPASS on ICS data. 

At ISMB 2022, Ozette Computational Biologist Malisa Smith, and Ozette Co-Founder Evan Greene, PhD VP of Quantitative Methods discussed automated gating and antigen-specific T cells subset discovery using FAUST and COMPASS on ICS data as well as how they reanalyzed a published Intracellular Cytokine Staining (ICS) dataset. Download the poster to learn more about their presentation.

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A first-in-human germline-targeting HIV nanoparticle vaccine induced broad and publicly targeted helper T cell responses.

The engineered outer domain germline targeting version 8 (eOD-GT8) 60-mer nanoparticle was designed to prime VRC01-class HIV-specific B cells that would need to be matured, through additional heterologous immunizations, into B cells that are able to produce broadly neutralizing antibodies. CD4 T cell help will be critical for the development of such high-affinity neutralizing antibody responses. Thus, we assessed the induction and epitope specificities of the vaccine-specific T cells…

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Ozette announces new suite of machine learning-powered computational analysis solutions.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ozette Technologies, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences company, announces the launch of their Assay-to-Insights product, a streamlined, state-of-the-art process to explore the immune system in fresh and frozen samples. Ozette Assay-to-Insights combines three technologies developed by the company: world-class data generation at the Ozette Laboratory under Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) guidelines; rapid computational monitoring of pre-defined biomarker endpoints using Ozette Endpoints™; and unbiased discovery and annotation of single-cell cytometry data through Ozette Discovery™. Insights generated from Ozette Endpoints™ and Ozette Discovery™ are made available through the Ozette Platform™, a cloud-based system that enables clinical teams to interact and explore cytometry data in a central dashboard.

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